The Coolest New Jobs in Marketing for 2014

Online Community Manager

This chimera-like career is half customer service representative, half strategic marketer. The Online Community Manager (OCM) is a bird of many modes of communication. The role draws on engagement approaches that utilize everything from Twitter (and other social media sites) to internal member management.

An OCM may respond to customer questions within online forums, or foster user interactions through Gamification -- "[…] a business strategy which applies game design techniques to non-game experiences to drive user behavior.”  An OCM is essential in building relationships with customers and website users in order to promote a sense of community.

This career is an exciting way to work with the latest solutions in interactive marketing. Those with a background in customer service and a Bachelor’s in Marketing or a related field should apply.

Web Content Specialist

We’ve all heard the SEO company line: content is king. Increasingly, employers are looking for the king’s hand in creating and distributing quality content. KISSMetrics, a leader in analytics and marketing, predicts 2014 content marketing will see a rise in:

  • Tailored Content – how-to content and even case studies should come together to target all levels of the consumer experience.
  • Expert Opinions - authority and authorship distinguish content and add credibility to a brand.
  • Measured Success - web traffic, sales lead quality, and social media sharing are at the top of the list for companies investing in content campaigns.

A Web Content Specialist must have the know-how to carry out all this and more. He or she must stay up-to-date on the latest SEO algorithms as well.

Recent graduates looking for entry-level marketing jobs are among the top candidates.  

Digital Media Manager

On the topic of content, 2014 will see a rise in digital media. This specific role within content marketing typically focuses on interactive and static digital campaigns that focus on bold images and big data (think infographics).

A Digital Media Manager (DMM) must be equipped to engage with images. The candidate must be part graphic designer, part ad exec. The DMM must be able to successfully marry deliberate design with calculated copy and put it together in a package that’s optimized for the average user.

Special Projects Manager

This may seem like an invented title that only a character from The Office (re: Nellie Bertram) could finagle, but it’s indeed an actual job and it’s hot on the market. So, just what does the mysterious Special Projects Manager (SPM) actually do?

Typically, an SPM is responsible for developing outreach and engagement strategies that target consumers through face-to-face interaction and more. This hands-on role requires an outgoing and aggressive individual to take the lead on coordinating everything from promotional materials to events.

One moment an SPM could be fielding questions for immediate press release — the next, he or she could be on the phone with a vendor organizing catering for an upcoming conference. If you’re comfortable wearing multiple hats and will travel, then this maybe the marketing job of your dreams.

Mobile Marketer

With the rise of tablets and the advent of responsive web design, it’s no surprise that the Mobile Marketer is the coolest career choice of the Internet age. Media and commerce are going mobile by the minute, and it’s the Mobile Marketer’s job to keep up.

The biggest corporations are riding on the tails of this trend and looking for the brightest minds to find creative solutions in the ever-changing mobile market. The Mobile Marketer must be “user friendly.” These interface artists are tasked with implementing mobile advertising, app store optimization, digital partnerships, etc. — all with corresponding mobile analytics.

The traditional advertising student needn’t apply for marketing jobs in 2014. Employers are looking for graphic designers, developers, and writers alike to produce innovative, high-quality campaigns. How will you stand out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.