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This could be a quality year for SEO

Updates from Google have meant that the emphasis in SEO has shifted from keyword data to semantic search, which translates to quality content marketing.

For many companies that already practiced quality content – in the form of well written articles, helpful advice, good organic social networking, all that is regularly updated, then there is less to worry about – in fact 2014 could prove to be a good year for these businesses in terms of SEO.

Whilst it can be said the print publishing world is suffering, we are now in an age where every business must to a degree become a publisher, so any writers who are roaming the wreckage of the publishing industry should adapt their skills by entering into the world of content marketing. Business owners are 'cottoning-on' to this new need in their droves. Page one ranking websites need quality, relevant, up to date copy and other media.

For other companies that relied upon the black-hat techniques, creating pages of poor content, multiple virtually duplicated sites and irrelevant links, purely with the intention to drive rankings, it's time to revise the strategy and up the game.

Of course by now these brands will already know that, as Google would have likely penalised them if they didn’t take down those pages.

Tip one in the new improved age of SEO then, would be to hire people that write well and get them to do it as much as possible in relation to your site – create blogs, write news updates and farm articles out to the press. Be engaging with your website and your social media – no more ‘chaff’, just ‘wheat’!

The result of all this will be a better world wide web, a better searching experience and more professional looking businesses.