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Could Your B2B Marketing Strategy Be Improved in an Increasingly Mobile World?

Over the last decade, businesses have been, slowly but surely, changing their B2B strategies over to social media. This has been driven by the obvious benefits that they see in using the internet to engage with business partners; particularly in an ever shrinking world. The change has not always been smooth, but firms like have helped with the training necessary for business to take on a this approach.  However, things are moving along once again, and the prediction that the use of mobile phones to access the internet will overtake the desktop is finally coming to fruition. This means that businesses have to change their strategies once more if they are to give their brand maximum exposure, but what does your business need to consider?

Platforms and Systems

As with any type of marketing, you do not want to limit your possible customer or partner base, so you will need to make your new website or application usable by all platforms and systems. Developing something that is available only to an iPhone user would mean losing all possible business from an Android user; so make sure your developer takes this into account, along with the fact that a tablet or a smartphone could be used.

Accessible Information

Your website may look fine when viewed on the large monitor of a desktop computer, but how will it look  when reduced to the size of mobile phone screen? You need to account for this new perspective of potential business partners, and this may take a newly designed site that is mobile friendly. If you ignore this, it could mean people switching to a different site with their business. However, it is not as simple as the layout itself, you will also need to make sure that the site is navigable on a mobile. Business people are generally busy, and do not want to spend time discovering how your site functions on their phone; so you should be making the experience as user friendly as you can.

Media Linking

The mobile phone user has become used to linking information to other people, and sharing things they find on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. This is why you should be making a sharing option available for those who have discovered your business on the net. A share button is not too complex to integrate into a website, and it will help those that have found something that may be of interest to somebody else to share it immediately.


If all you are doing is relaying information about your business and giving examples of your work, then a mobile website will be fine for you to use on a mobile phone. If you want to give the site more functionality,  you would be better off with an application. It seems obvious that, with so many people using applications on their phones, they are the most appropriate way to give potential partners or customers a helping hand when doing business with you.

By utilizing the general public’s switch in the way they are accessing the internet, you  will be ensuring that your business is savvy and effective; so make sure that your business strategy is mobile friendly.