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Create Catalogs Online to Increase Business and Promote Brand Awareness

The ability to create catalogs online is a fantastic resource for any product-based business. Digital catalogs offer perks and features print catalogs simply cannot compete with, as they make browsing and purchasing products easy and straightforward. Creating catalogs online doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and offers numerous benefits, including increased business and brand promotion. Check it out: 

User-Friendly Software 

Create catalogs online in cloud and enjoy access to tools used by leading brands such as Contently, Moncler and Monsoon. Forget trying to figure out extensive coding--everything you need is found on the platform. If help or inspiration is required, plenty of examples and demos are available, as is training and support from your creative platform team. Create interactive digital catalogs, visually pleasing look books, landing pages, and any other content your business needs. Special website-related skills are not a requirement when creating digital catalogs online! 

Editing is Hassle-Free 

Besides making digital catalog creation simple, any catalog you create is also easy to edit. Remove products that aren’t selling and replace them with popular items, or fix that product description typo. Upload new images or add updates about the latest sales and promotional events. Add social media pins to increase brand awareness, as customers are likely to share and discuss favorite products on their feeds. Another option is a completely interactive catalog where customers can purchase products in real time. The ability to create catalogs online means updating/editing whenever you want, whether every day, week, bi-weekly or monthly. 

Save Money and Time 

Print catalogs simply don’t feature these options--once the catalog is printed, that’s it. No interactive features, no updating, no editing. A single mistake can result in hundreds or thousands of costly reprints, whereas a digital catalog correction takes mere minutes. Save money on printing and reprinting costs while offering customers the option to buy as they browse. Waiting for catalog orders is now a thing of the past--the second a customer purchases a product, you’ll know and can begin processing. 

Additional Benefits 

Create catalogs online and enjoy many additional benefits, including the ability to reach a worldwide rather than local audience. Even if a print catalog is mailed to every residence in the United States, England, Canada or other country, it’s still not going to reach a global audience like its digital counterpart. Anyone, regardless of location or time zone, can access a digital catalog. Print versions often end up in the recycling bin, assuming they were even looked through in the first place! 

Other benefits include customers receiving the most recent version of the catalog, with zooming in on certain products an option. A simple keyword entry is all that is required for customers to find the product or products they’re looking for. Learning to create catalogs online therefore benefits both parties--the business and the customer. 

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