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Creating and curating attractive content for your marketing campaign


If you have been using content marketing to engage with your target customers, you have probably found that certain posts receive more engagement than others. You may also wish to increase the variety of content that you offer. Before you do this, of course, you will want to know the types of content that are creating the most buzz and how you can provide your customers with the most appealing content.


Infographics have become a very popular form of content in the past year. If you are active on social media, you have probably see infographics portraying what happens when you drink an energy drink. Infographics are a great way to use visuals to provide your audience with a lot of information in an interesting and easy to digest way. If you find an infographic that you believe your audience will find useful, by all means share that content. Just be sure to add your own insights by adding your own commentary. If you wish to create your own infographics, there are tools that make the process fairly simple.

You may be able to rework some of your old blog posts into infographics if they are heavy on facts and figures.


When it comes to content that is shareable and engaging, you cannot do much better than a well produced video. As long as your videos are informative and relevant, you can count on them getting a great response. Your options for sharing video content are plentiful. You can share them via Youtube, embed them in blog posts, or attach them to social media posts.


E-Books are the longest form of content marketing that there is. They are extremely attractive to customers because of the sheer amount of information contained within them, and because they can be downloaded and viewed at the customer's own pace. E-Books are an excellent choice for content marketing because they work extremely well for establishing you as an authority figure and source of knowledge in your niche. In addition to this, if you are looking for premium content to entice your followers to answer a call to action. Offering an E-Book as an incentive is often very effective.

Long Posts

You may have been told to focus on writing shorter posts with lots of lists, bullet points, and white space. The purpose of this is to keep your content easier to digest and mobile friendly. This remains true. Many of your posts should meet that criteria. However, there is a good chance that you also have audience members who crave longer content. These audience members often access content through over desktop computers, or even print the content out to view. They tend to look for content that is longer and has more insight. In many cases, the people viewing this content are decision makers, and rely on more detailed, lengthier posts to help them make important decisions.

White Papers

A White paper is a long form post that covers a particular subject in depth. You might use a white paper to fully explain a product or service to your audience. White papers are usually several pages in length, and are offered, in many cases, as downloads. For example, if you have an app for sale, you may have written blog posts about the app. However, a white paper would go into much more detail. It would likely discuss how the app was conceived, the problem that it was intended to solve, and information on how the user can get the most benefit from the app. The white paper would most likely also contain any available data on the technical features of the app, along with customer testimonials. White papers are excellent choice for customers who are very close to making a purchasing decision.

Interactive Content

Customers like to give their opinions. If there is a way for them to give feedback, they will often jump at the chance to do so. Interactive content is also engaging. It keeps the customer on your website or on your social media page, as they consume and interact with the content you have offered them. It is for these reasons that interactive content is so popular. There are many types of interactive content.

  • Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes: These can be simple and straight forward. For example, you might use Survey Monkey to ask users about your latest product release. These can also be quite complex. You might create a longer quiz for your potential customer, and then provide them with answers on which one of your offerings is most appropriate for them (based upon their answers).
  • Interactive white papers: At first glance, these appear to be similar to  regular white papers. However, once a user begins reading through an interactive white paper, they find that there is more than meets the eye. Clickable points in the paper can bring up additional information, the creator of the white paper may embed videos in the content, or the person consuming the content may be able to ask for more information directly from the white paper. Interactive white papers are a great way to help people consume a lot of content at one time.
  • Interactive infographics: These are infographics with clickable links back to the original source material that was used for developing the infographic.

There are many tools that are very useful for creating interactive content.