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Creating Effective B2b Marketing Kits Using Printers

Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing or industrial marketing is quite different from Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing. In consumer marketing, you are handling with a single decision maker, a person who might buy your product or service using the money he owns. Whereas, in industrial or B2B marketing, you generally have to convince a bunch of decision makers before they buy your products or services. These decision makers are rather more careful in choosing a particular company to get products and services from. This is because their repute relies on their decisions and they are accountable for spending company's money as well. So when it comes to B2B marketing for your business, you need to adopt carefully crafted marketing techniques to let the decision makers know that they are choosing the best company in business and they are getting the best deal out of their money as well.


In B2B marketing, you or your marketing rep has to meet the client in person. A beautifully crafted & printed marketing kit plays an important role in creating a great impression on clients. It is a well versed fact that in contrast to just handing over your business card or product brochure, a marketing kit creates a rather lasting impact on clients.

Designing and printing an impressive marketing kit can be challenging if you intend to do it for the first time. You need to understand how to effectively use your printers, what kind of content the kit must contain and mostly importantly, how to personalize it for every client.

Crafting the Winning Marketing Kit

Every marketing kit can be divided in two parts, i.e., a container and containing material. A container is generally a pocketed folder (with one or two pockets) and may have a business card slit. The containing material can be brochures, company profile, some multimedia digital content etc. The contents generally vary from client to client.

The Design

Before talking anymore about folders and documents the kit might contain, you should know a bit more about design of the marketing kit. The design refers to marketing kit's  color scheme, it's dimensions, the type of paper to be used etc.

When it comes to colors, you should know that the kit is supposed to have a coherent color scheme. The folder, the business card, all the material pocketed in folder must have same colors and must follow uniform template. If there is no synergy in design of the kit, it will look raw and will not create an impact.

The Components of a Marketing Kit

As said earlier, the kit will have two components. All the printed material you want to deliver will be contained in a folder.

When it comes to creating an impression, custom designed presentation folder is the first thing your potential client will look at. So it needs to immaculately designed and printed on right kind of thick paper sheet with either glossy or matte finish. You can find printing companies online specializing in designing and printing of custom presentation folders.

The actual marketing content, the stuff contained in the folder is the thing clients will be eager to have a look at. First off, you should never make the common mistake made by most of the companies. The get a generic marketing kit printed for all the clients. They place the bulk order of marketing kits to any printing company, bulk brochures of same kind, same company profile and same leaflets.

Do not follow this trend as it seldom yields any results. Remember that your client is looking for someone who can provide a specific product or set of products and services he wants. The decision makers of the company whom you intend to sell your products or services might not be interested in what else you have to offer. They want to know more about the specific product or set of products and services they intend to pay for. 

Although there is not harm telling a client about your full range of products and services, your kit needs to have custom-designed content emphasizing on what they want. Most of the material has to be about those specific products and services. All the marketing material has to be printed on best quality paper using quality printers you own. The print quality of this material has to be top-notch as it will project the quality of product or service they should expect. Use high quality cartridges to get the best printing results. You can get these high quality cartridges online from a known company like Cartridge Discount where you will find great deals on Printer ink.

Digging deep into what kind of product related material has to be in the kit, there must be a product or service brochure highlighting the salient features. Put a one page document mentioning why getting that specific product or service from you is the right decision. Tell them what makes you, your product and service stands tall among the rest. You need to create a realization that how beneficial it is for them to get the product from you.

On a separate sheet, provide list of previous customers and if possible, mention the volume and tenure of business with them. This will work as a charm. Try getting written feedbacks from your current customers and add them to the kit as well. Positive customer feedback is one of the most powerful marketing tool ever existed.

So if you design and use the kits as mentioned here, you can get more sales, an increase in number of clientele and increase in business revenues.