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Creating an exhibition stand that enhances your brand

Your brand should be the focal point of your exhibition stand. You may be offering a new service or even a new product, however all roads lead back to your brand. That’s why it’s so important to create a stand that shows your company off in the best light. Like a photograph, you want to capture it at just the right angle, in the perfect light so onlookers can’t turn away.

How do you enhance your brand at an exhibition however? If you have a strong brand voice, this is a good starting point. Knowing your company’s story and how it’s communicated to your target audience should direct how you design your stand. If your banner and display looks good, that’s great. But in theexhibition hall with hundreds of your competitors fighting for consumer’s attention, great isn’t going to cut it. You need to stand out and resonate with the audience. Find that slot in their mind and with strong branding, stay there.

It’s important to start at the drawing board. Think up some strong concepts that encapsulate your brand. Whatever design you choose, it needs to be unmistakably matched with your company. There should be no confusion, no questions. It will belong to your brand and your brand only. So you may be wondering what to look for when hiring an exhibition stand? Or how can you create a stand that enhances your brand? If that’s the case, we have compiled some worthwhile things to consider:

  • Why is your brand important? Reminding your target audience why your brand is important to them is crucial. Seeing how it will personally impact their life or business is essential to maintaining a strong presence. Think about how you can communicate this through your marketing materials, banners, posters, and promotional items you have at your stand.
  • Always surprise.Try not to do what the customer expects. Let your brand speak for itself with inventive storytelling so your pitch can be concise.Once you have tapped into an emotional trigger and the audience sees its importance in their lives, you have won the battle.
  • Use visuals and other elements effectively. Always be innovative in how you use your graphics, text, media, and everything else. These should all work in harmony with your brand so you communicate one overall message. Think of it like this, all the elements of your stand are chapters that communicate the entire story you are trying to tell. Your message should be clear and engaging. Always remember that people have limited time and attention.
  • Use the familiar. Consider what your target customers already know about your brand. Once you have established the ‘common ground’, incorporate this in your stand design and build on it.
  • Think about the stand structure.Which type of stand you go for will also enhance your brand.The main purpose you are attending is to further establish your brand and mingle with prospective customers. You want to keep the stand design simple and minimalist. Keep it chic but cosy and make it inviting to people so they want to come in and find out more.