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Creating Solid Business & Customer Relationships through Content


Let’s face the truth of the matter. If you’re behind the online content curve, then you got a lot of catching up to do for your business’ immediate and future success. Let’s explore the most beneficial ways to bolster your business reputation and create solid relationships with other businesses and customers. Your business’ relationship to customers and other businesses relies in a major way upon the content produced by your company.

You may believe that your services or products speak for themselves, but you must support their quality or recent success with relevant, unique, and engaging content for future exposure online.

Get People Talking About Your Business

Your content strategy shouldn’t simply involve writing consistent blog posts, seeking guest blogging opportunities on relevant and major sites, and attempting to engage potential readers. Online reviews of your products are a major tool to drive the conversation that leads to your services or products. If possible, seek review sites specifically targeted for your company’s area of expertise. If related, use Yelp or other sites that consumers and even other businesses visit.

Provide the necessary mediums to let your products or services market and promote themselves. Let your products do the talking. Before purchasing a product, customers and other businesses visit reviews and want examples of past work. Seek out every opportunity to demonstrate your work. If countless people positively speak towards your services, then this provides the best support for future success. You may even want to offer a “Reviews” or “Testimonials” page on your website, but utilizing these services on outside mediums is highly effective.

Invest in the Right Resources

You can’t run a successful business that’s doesn’t employ the necessary resources to survive in a world driven by the internet. People have ongoing, immediate access online almost every minute of the day. They’re on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops searching for information and reading. If you’re business doesn’t run on a solid business Ethernet connection or use other communication services, then you may not be able to constantly provide ongoing customer service that’s essential in today’s business world.

Should you outsource or not when it comes to the content? In an ideal world, every business owner would write and maintain their own blog where they tell stories or comment on their areas of expertise. People want to hear directly from the sources of a business, but entrepreneurs or employees may not have the time for this work. You may want to seek the help of content marketing or online writing agencies that specialize in SEO.

When seeking this type of help, keep in mind that every last word said in relation to your business matters online. Business owners often think that “blogging” or social media is irrelevant at times, but that is wrong. Blogging certainly matters. When talking with an online marketing consultant or expert, ask to see examples of writing, past work for websites, blogs, and social media. You’d be surprised at the number of companies that say they provide excellent content to best portray your business’ services and boast their reputation online, but this isn’t always the truth.

Ensure that whatever marketing agency or firm you choose to write your content, that they use the some type of data and analytics to track their success. If they’re maintaining your business blog or even company website, see the number of visitors to the site, how long each person stayed there, and whether or not they actually engaged with the page or blog post.

Focus on Constant Interaction with Readers and Relevant Businesses

A successful content strategy should not simply involve reputation management through review services, social media, blogging, and good content on business websites. Seek out the best online communities to engage with other related experts in your business’ interest. For example, read posts and articles of major blogs relevant to your business. Simply comment and engage with other readers on the posts.

Become an active member online. By reading and engaging with other blogs, this increases the chances that other businesses and writers will visit your websites, read your blog posts, and spread the word. Word of mouth is still evident in an online world. People share everything interesting through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other mediums.

Solid relationships and friends drive the exposure of your business’s products and services in an online world. You must become a fan of other related businesses and not be afraid to compliment others. Once you get people engaged and talking about your business, this will definitely create exposure and future growth for your budding business.