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Creating Successful Social Media Profiles

Running a small business company can be a challenge considering that leading tycoons are omnipresent on any given medium. Well, luckily there is are ways to build your reputation basically from scratch, and be recognized despite the fact you are a relatively new provider. The way is called social media and it encourages an independent grow of popularity, thus you will automatically be more appetite than someone who was simply pushed into fame by a wealthy benefactor. Here are some tips for a successful social media campaign provided by Devumi.


Definitely the most popular of social networks, since there are a lot of users among which your target audience is scattered. Facebook offers its users to upload the photos and write their descriptions, making it an amazing platform for displaying products. Furthermore, Facebook can even buzz your posts, your profile or your page, provided you pay them money. With more likes, more subscribers and post boosts, you will be widely present on Facebook’s news feed. This is how you are more likely to become a hot topic of the conversations, and thus become well known in a smaller community. Of course, activity is also necessary and you will have to communicate with people, otherwise you will appear as a spammer only.


Unlike Facebook, this social network does not have the option for making photo albums and chatting on all fronts. Twitter is all about tweeting witty tweets, being direct and being able to express yourself in 140 characters. However Twitter users are likely to take you more seriously if you have an admirable following – followers ration, meaning if you follow approximately 100 people and there are thousands or millions following you, people will start reading what you write, to see what caused such popularity. Buying followers will certainly get your people’s attention, but if you aren’t writing anything interesting you will not be able to fool them. You need to have interesting content and not let it go to waste, that is why you need more followers.

Instagram and Pinterest

These two platforms are all about sharing pictures, but due to the sea of users, it can be hard to be noticed despite their quality. Luckily, activity on these network can bring you popularity, but it can take a lot of time and devotion. Nowadays, you can purchase programs which can do that for you, these programs are bound to your profile and they share the photos from your hard drive onto these social networks. With this constant activity, your pictures are more likely to get noticed, and shared or repined.

All of these networks work in synergy if you are popular on one of them, people are likely to follow you on other networks as well. Your efforts should be concentrated on all of them but you should invest your time in at least two, thus the other networks can be outsourced for the purpose of maintaining activity. Finally, you should increase the level of activity during holidays, follow the current trends, and hashtags, optimize your posts in accordance with the holiday spirit. As long as you do this with care, you can rest assured people will no longer consider you a stranger.