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Creative campaigns

It’s hard to make your campaign stand out. There are many brands that want to get noticed and a lot of things have already been done. But it’s not always the craziest ideas that catch our attention. Sometimes simple campaigns can be powerful as well. 

Last week there were two campaigns that caught my eye.

Firstly, even the simplicity of a drawing can be strong enough to carry a message. Franke, a kitchen and bathroom equipment supplier has launched a powerful global campaign to unify its brand image. For the ‘Make it wonderful’ campaign Franke’s agency Gyro worked closely with eight internationally renowned artists that hand drew inspiring illustrations to demonstrate the key values of the brand. Some of the drawings include couples enjoying Italian food steaming from the Franke hob and children baking cookies around a Franke oven. The imperfect hand-drawn illustrations give the brand a human feel.

With the second campaign we stay with the theme of drawings. Digital marketing agency Kurve has built a new interactive infographic of London. Users are ‘taken’ on a fun trip around London’s monuments and get some interesting facts about the capital. For example, the Gherkin with its 40 stories (180m or 16 buses laid out end to end) only uses about 50 per cent of the energy of a typical office block. The agency is using the piece to advertise its creative service to businesses.

What I like about this campaign is that it is very visual and interactive. You ‘ride’ a little tube through London and at every stop you can click on little dots to get extra information. There are some extra videos hidden in the infographic. This all makes it feel like a game, it’s fun.

More B2B brands should start making innovative campaigns and more of them can achieve the same stand out if they’d use drawings. These campaigns are a good example. I hope to see more off them soon.