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CRM Trends To Watch For in 2015

CRM+BPM is as hot as ever

Industry experts as well as business management professionals report that increasing number of companies are looking for the CRM solution backed by the business process management (BPM) platform. All CRM products powered by the BPM engine are expected to offer improved ROI in 2015. Why do most businesses need a CRM system with a BPM under the hood? The answer is simple - if you truly want to organize great customer service, improve efficiency and increase sales, while changing business processes quickly and efficiently, combining CRM with BPM can truly benefit your company in many ways.


Some can argue that the integration of CRM software and business process management is not a new concept and it has been always applicable for many large enterprises. However, experts predict and are talking about the changing approach, which is observed among mid-size and even small businesses trying out to implement tools associated with business process management to improve business operations. Let’s take a look at some of these approaches and trends that are in the radar for this year.

CRM that aligns sales, marketing and service processes

It is expected in 2015 that many CRM vendors will offer solutions that connect dots between marketing, sales and service, for example like bpm’online does.

Nowadays you should be prepared to watch vendors thinking about or actually redesigning their products for a complete and integrated CRM suite, which is able to link customer service, sales and marketing applications. This trend shows that businesses focus on covering the entire customer journey by taking into account data from various stages of customer interactions to deliver an outstanding customer experience of every stage of the communications with the brand.  


Investments into BPMS platform

More businesses including small ones are expected to make investments into BPMS platform. This trend is going to be advantageous in many ways, as BPMS platform ensures seamless, effective and user-friendly business processes. BPMS platform can help companies to unify different stages of customer interaction into one application suitable for customer services, sales and marketing. It means different teams inside one company will be able share information and work in a single unified environment.  


User experience as influencing factor in choosing CRM                                

The competition is getting tougher every day as more new products are coming into the market. With the variety of products to choose from, the applications with the best user experience are winning more business over competitors. End users become very demanding to engaging elements in CRM as well as how much the software is user-friendly too. That is why many vendors consider user experience and user interface design as their competitive advantage and are trying to create the best user experience to win customers over, outshining the competitors.