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The @crocbites social media roundup – August 2015

Whilst social media is easily accessible and cost-effective compared to traditional channels, its constantly evolving nature makes it one of the most time-intensive activities for brands to manage. The complexities excite and inspire us at The Crocodile.

To keep our clients and ourselves abreast of all the emerging trends and technologies, we bring you the @crocbites monthly social media roundup, with plenty for B2B marketers to sink their teeth into.


Facebook has seen the success of Periscope and thought, “I’ll have some of that” with a new live video streaming service for famous figures.

Pages Messaging means that you can have conversations with clients away from the glare of your public feed. Facebook has even provided an etiquette guide to help you.

That’s summer out the way – time to get ready for Christmas. Facebook gives tips about getting your marketing ready for the festive season.

Facebook continues to hunt down YouTube with autoplay video ads now appearing on third-party sites.

Move over, Siri: Facebook is trialling its own personal assistant called M, which will utilise everything you have on your profile to help you complete tasks.

ICYMI, one billion people log into Facebook on a single day for the first time.


We brought you the announcement earlier in the year, and now it’s a thing: direct messages lose their 140-character limit.

Seamlessly create and change your campaigns with Twitter’s new ads editor.

Pay as you go extended – optimised action bidding and cost per install bidding introduced so marketers get maximise their ROI.

The Twitter Publisher Network is dead; long live the Twitter Audience Platform. New name and new features, including tweet engagements and video views.

Compare the volume of a range of topics on Twitter with Visibrain Focus’ Quick Trends feature.


Instagram opens the doors to third-party advertising platforms and allows ads for products, rather than just brands.

Don’t be such a square – now you can post in landscape and portrait on Instagram.


Localising languages on LinkedIn – the network is expanding the options for publishing long-form content, starting with Portuguese, with French and German to follow.

Getting to know you – LinkedIn Lookup makes it easier for you to find people and learn about them, their business and co-workers.


That’s it for this social media roundup – if you spot anything in September you think we should include next month, tweet us: @crocbites.