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The @crocbites social media roundup – July 2015

Whilst social media is easily accessible and cost-effective compared to traditional channels, its constantly evolving nature makes it one of the most time-intensive activities for brands to manage. The complexities excite and inspire us at The Crocodile.

Our monthly social media roundups help to keep you abreast of new opportunities, emerging trends and technologies within the top social channels. Here goes:


Changes to Cost per Click means that only website and apps are counted, rather than likes, shares and comments.

New tools allow users to select which friends and pages they see at the top of their news feed, and introduce them to more business pages that may interest them.


Twitter has introduced a new personas tool, which allows marketers to target audiences based on a range of factors and make sure messaging gets to the right people.

Event targeting on Twitter allows you to find out what special days are happening and what their audience is, based on the previous year’s figures.


The Social Selling Index is now available for all LinkedIn users that want to measure their own impact.


Google admits defeat in trying to get everyone to link their Google+ and YouTube accounts; now only a Google account is needed to log in to the video sharing platform.


You don’t have to hold your thumb down to view your snaps, potentially opening the door for brands to roll out longer form content. 


US users are now able to create an engagement campaign using Promoted Pins, with the focus on closeups, repins and clicks. Hopefully, it’ll be making its way to the UK soon.

Users can now sign into selected other apps with Pinterest to streamline the engagement process.


Crimson Hexagon – our social listening tool of choice – is now a preferred data partner of Tumblr, allowing it to analyse instances of brands in text, logos, gifs and more.


That’s it for this social media roundup – if you spot anything in August you think we should include next month, tweet us: @crocbites.