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The @crocbites social media roundup - June 2015

At The Crocodile, we’re excited and inspired by the complexity of the social media landscape. Whilst social media is easily accessible and cost-effective compared to traditional channels, its constantly evolving nature makes it one of the most time-intensive activities for brands to manage.

To keep our clients and ourselves abreast of all the emerging trends and technologies, we bring you the @crocbites monthly social media roundup, with plenty for B2B marketers to sink their teeth into.


Marketers will be heartened by Facebook’s announcement that Ads Manager and Power Editor have had a revamp. The former now brings performance metrics to the forefront, while the latter’s got a new layout that’s easier to use.

Engagement is changing on the news feed, with a new measure of how long someone takes to read content, rather than relying on likes, shares and comments.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Messenger is really being bulked out as a standalone app, and that’s continuing as now that you can use it without a Facebook account. All you need is a name, number and photo – kinda like WhatsApp…

Sharing locations is also getting easier, which could prove useful if Messenger for Business takes off and you need to tell a delivery driver where to bring your package.


Videos will now autoplay on Twitter, although users can select to turn off the feature in the settings.

Twitter is testing an experience that collates relevant content and displays it with product/place tweets; it’s also giving a trial to collections by influencers, which can help push products and other content.

The latest development to DMs sees the end of the 140-character limit (although that will remain for tweets). Instead, DMs can be up to 10,000 characters long, making communication much easier, although any temptation to spam users must be resisted.


Instagrammers can now benefit from a more powerful search function and a reimagined Explore page that will show trends in real-time, so that conversations can be joined instantly.

Expanded advert offerings now available, including the ability to better target people and making it easier for businesses of any size to buy Instagram ads.


Pulse has been revamped to focus on delivering personalised news that’s tightly attuned to your interests and the sector you work in.


You can now add moving images to your Promoted Pins, giving you plenty of new content options and making you stand out from the crowd.

Like a Pin? Now you could be able to purchase it, as Pinterest introduces Buyable Pins – just click the blue button and it’s yours.

Searching on the network has got smarter, not least due to the introduction of verified users, who are marked with a small tick.

Pinterest announces the Marketing Development Partners (MDPs) that will help businesses organise their advertising on the medium. It can work too – one company that had a trial with an MDP saw a 4,000% uptick in Pinterest-referred revenue.


That’s it for this social media roundup – if you spot anything in July you think we should include next month, tweet us: @crocbites.