The @crocbites social media roundup – October 2015

Our monthly roundup helps brands and organisations stay abreast of social media developments and new opportunities on the main social networks. 

So what’s new in the last four weeks?


Facebook begins trials of its Buzzfeed-like Reactions feature, that could give content creators a better idea of sentiment than just a Like or Share.

Video remains an area for development, with suggested content trials on-going for iPhone users, alongside the ability to save videos to watch later on.

Search is another area for improvement on Facebook, with more accurate suggestions, posts from friends and public conversations more readily available.

Your mobile notifications can now show you much more than if someone has liked a photo you posted – you’ll be able to customise it to show friends’ milestones, sports scores, TV reminders and more.

Lead ads on Facebook could revolutionise the way you collect consumer data, by helping them sign up with just two taps courtesy of prepopulated information.

Want to provide visual content to an audience with poor connectivity? Facebook Slideshow could give you the benefits of video on a much narrower bandwidth.


It’s going to be easier to follow developing topics on Twitter now that content will be curated into a range of Moments for you to flick through.

Amplify is being, well, amplified with the ability to select categories to publish video content across, rather than individual publishers.

With new conversion lift reports, you’ll be able to better understand the impact your ads are having on ROI.

A/B testing just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of polls for everybody on Twitter.

Introducing the Brand Hub, which helps advertisers discover more about their audience, conversion and how much of the conversation your brand has been involved in.


The photo-based app launches a new @instagramforbusiness account to provide inspiration for others to fully benefit from the platform’s possibilities.

Play about with short clips with the new Boomerang feature, that lets you reverse movement to create something unique and (hopefully) shareable.


LinkedIn rebuilds Groups and introduces a standalone iOS app to help you engage with other professionals and join relevant conversations. 

Pulse is now available on Apple Watch, so people with the devices will be able to keep up to date with your content.

LinkedIn hits 400 million members around the world, making it the latest platform to pass significant milestones in recent months.


Closer integration between Twitter and Vine means that users can access your loops from your Twitter profile and view your tweets via Vine.


While YouTube Red means that subscribers won’t see pre-roll adverts any more, in-video branded content seems here to stay.


Search is now localised, so your Pins are more likely to be found by people who share your language and/or location.

Pins will now automatically come with location information, including a preview map to help people find you more easily.

Get the most out of Pinterest Ad Manager by immersing yourself in the wealth of new guides that they’ve just produced.

That’s it for this social media roundup – if you spot anything in October you think we should include next month, tweet us: @crocbites.