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The @crocbites social media roundup – September 2015

Whilst social media is easily accessible and cost-effective compared to traditional channels, its constantly evolving nature makes it one of the most time-intensive activities for brands to manage. The complexities excite and inspire us at The Crocodile.

To keep our clients and ourselves abreast of all the emerging trends and technologies, we bring you the @crocbites monthly social media roundup, with plenty for B2B marketers to sink their teeth into.


Facebook has updated its Conversion Lift tool, so you’ll have an even better idea about which of your campaigns are doing the best.

Pages have been optimised for mobile, with a better layout, new sections and a CTA button right at the top, beneath the cover photo.

You’ve now got a buy option for Facebook ads that appear on people’s feeds from top to bottom, while another update sees video analysis done by third-party Moat.

360-degree videos have now gone live on Facebook. They’re only for certain publishers at the moment, but just think of the marketing possibilities…

Individuals can now use videos (albeit not 360-degree ones) for mobile profile pictures, as well as being able to set the length of time an image appears. These aren’t available on company profiles yet, but they’ll be very handy for campaigns if/when they are.

Facebook introduces new ways to buy, optimise and measure your adverts, including videos in carousel form on the news feed. 

It’s not been announced yet, but Facebook is testing ‘click to message’, where using Messenger beneath an advert will count as an ad click.


Want your own custom emojis on Twitter? They could be on the way after Coca-Cola got one for their Share a Coke campaign hashtag.

Twitter Ads hit a major milestone in September, as they’re now available in over 200 countries and territories.

It’s not just locations that are increasing – there are now more ways to utilise Twitter’s Buy Now button after it emerged that integration was being brought in by a number of retailers.


Not using Instagram for advertising? Maybe you should – it’s now got a community of more than 400 million.

Your ads can now reach all 400 million now as well, after Instagram revealed that adverts are available around the world.


YouTube has unveiled a range of new capabilities coming to its ads, including the virtual showroom and Customer Match targeting.


Pinterest has reached the quarter-Instagram – that is, it’s now got 100 million users. That’s an awful lot of pins.


New Snapchat features could encourage greater engagement with your advertising Snaps.


Feel less constrained on your broadcasts now that Periscope allows you to create live streams in landscape as well as portrait.


That’s it for this social media roundup – if you spot anything in October you think we should include next month, tweet us: @crocbites.