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Customer & Expert Testimonials Add Marketing Power

The use of video for marketing purposes has long been an established practice, and it has increased with the popularity of video for social media. Having worked with and within the marketing departments of major corporations for many years, I’ve always known that using testimonial videos can be effective in the extreme at boosting sales. In fact, as the current owner of a video production company, I frequently recommend using them as a part my client’s marketing campaigns.

When they’re done right, testimonial videos can influence potential buyers positively so that they turn in to active buyers. They have the potential to inspire and excite buyers, and to help them trust the product, service, brand and company. If you’re placing your video on the web, either on your site or elsewhere, a well planned and executed video can grab the viewer’s attention and even go viral.

The problem is...

The problem is that when testimonials are poorly done, they can do more harm than good. You can end up with potential customers being turned off rather than turned on. If it’s being used on the web, a poorly done testimonial video can cause the viewer to bounce off the page in an instant. It can create disbelief, lack of trust, disinterest, and a generally negative attitude.

Have you seen testimonial videos that look unprofessional, or where the person or people testifying look uncomfortable or insincere? I’ve seen a lot of this, and it’s certainly something you’ll need to avoid if you’re looking to attract customers.

But the good news is...

You can do it! Don’t get scared off. There are definitely some things you can do to get the good stuff on camera, and to create a great video that will work for you. There are things that must be considered and planned for prior to the video shoot, and there are some techniques that you can use during the shoot to increase the effectiveness of your videos.

To see the steps you can take, please take a look at the article I just posted here that outlines the details on how to create powerful testimonial videos

Also, I highly recommend that you use a professional video production company to shoot your testimonials. Doing it yourself is the least expensive option, but remember that you’ll need a very professional look for viewers to see your product, service or company as professional and trustworthy. With a reasonably priced video production company this can be done in a way that’s affordable to most companies.

If you’re unsure whether to do it yourself or to spring for a professional company, take a look at my article on how to increase your chances of success with your videos. Then decide.

Even if you’re planning on hiring a production company to shoot your testimonial video, be sure to read the above article. It will help you understand what to look for as you choose a company.


while I strongly recommend the use of testimonial videos for marketing purposes, I’d say that it’s essential to take the rights steps to see that it’s done well. Take those steps and you’re likely to create more customers. If you're unable to take those steps right now, I'd suggest you hold off the project, but keep it in mind for the future.