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The Dangers of a Quiet Boom

Default, despondency and double-dip are still dominating the headlines. The economy remains on the front pages rather than buried on page 17.  And like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, the recession has pulled back a curtain to reveal that what looked like an impressive and intimidating performance was really a rather ordinary smoke and mirrors show.


But in this climate of general gloom, is the corporate market undergoing a quiet boom? In recent weeks BT Globe, Dell and Serco to name but a few have credited the enterprise market as either the sole or main factor in their impressive results. The increase in overall profitability of UK private non-financial corporations adds further evidence for a quiet boom.


If there is a quiet boom, it has big implications for the B2B Marketer.


“Recession marketing” usually focuses on cutting costs, doing more with less and protecting what you have. No matter what state your business is in, you’re never going to find being more efficient or getting things cheaper anything but attractive. So you’re marketing efforts could still appear very successful.


But recession marketing in a growing market is a dangerous thing. Assuming that all companies in all sectors have costs as the key drivers means that you miss a great chance to generate value rather than reduce costs. You’ll miss the opportunity to help your customers', and you own, bottom line grow. And what's worse, you won’t even be aware of what your missing.


Only B2B marketers who understand the real situation in their customers can capitalise on all the opportunities. They’ll be marketing hope and growth rather than slash and survive. And that’s a better approach for all.



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