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Darling buds of May

It’s been a busy week for everyone here at B2B Marketing with the deadline for registrations for the B2B Marketing Awards looming – have you registered yet? Make sure you don’t miss out by registering today. And remember that the deadline for entries is only five weeks away… better get cracking on writing those entries if you’re going to be amongst the winners this year.

Now that the patriotic fervour of the Royal Wedding has died down, it was good to see that Vodafone were still flying the flag for all things British, with a Union Jack themed taxi-wrap campaign, which will be extended to cover trains on the Heathrow Express. Rumours that it put in a bid for a wrap around Buckingham Palace in time for the festivities have proved entirely unfounded.

We’re also enjoying the feedback from our slightly risqué cover story this month on sex in marketing – we resisted the temptation to titillate the reader too much with saucy images… we know that marketers (particularly male ones) are very easily distracted. If you’re not lucky enough to get the magazine, you can read the cover story here or my editor’s note on the subject via the blog here.

We were also fascinated to hear from LinkedIn that CEOs are likely to have nice sensible names like Peter, Bob, Deborah or Sally, whilst salespeople are more likely to be called Chip or Trey… now why doesn’t that surprise me? If the cap fits, and all that…

Finally, we were intrigued to find out about Facebook Studio, which marks a step forward in the ongoing commercialisation of social media. Did you know about it and are you using it? We’d love some thoughts in response to Alex’s blog.