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Data Segmentation can drive your B2B content generation

Most of us turn to our Agency when we want to generate content. The common complaint I hear however is, the Agency ask so many questions/misunderstand the product that we might as well have done it ourselves. There is another way

Solving the Problem 

Instead of thinking of interesting things to say about your product or service, engage your customer & prospects by relating to the business challenges they face.

The starting point for this process is to profile your customer base. Having identified your most relevant customer segments, the next stage is to understand the macro and microenvironments in which they operate.

Linking these topics to your product/service may not seem obvious at first but the insight gleaned from the research will generate content themes and identify channels through which to engage with both your customers and new prospects.    

Recycle and Multiple

The final stage in the process is all about Recycling and Multiplying


The content themes will inform the media plan in the follow ways

  • ·         How will the content be consumed e.g. video, whitepaper or webinar
  • ·         What is the reader seeking from the piece
  • ·         How do we alert our target audience to newly published content


This fragmentation of relevant content, medium and channel, provide the marketer with a perfect opportunity to recycle the content many times over. This creates a diverse range of messages for both key stakeholders within the business to deliver via chosen channels, syndication and traditional marketing activities.

Does it work?

Experience suggests that by using this approach it is possible to use a single piece of content without duplication for a minimum of 3-months. Reposts, Likes and Retweets further extend the reach and longevity of the content.