#DearB2B: How do I come up with enough content to fuel my social presence?

TopRank Marketing CEO and Ignite 2017 speaker Lee Odden offers three ways time-poor professionals can keep their social feeds seen and relevant

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Q: #Dear B2B, how do I come up with enough content to fuel my social presence?

A: A professional and personal presence on social networks is more important than ever for B2B marketers. Not only do business professionals monitor social channels for news and articles shared by peers, they also engage their networks for recommendations. 

Content is the foundation to build social relevance so it's important to have a balance of quantity and quality. Here are three approaches to social content for time-strapped business professionals that want to be seen and relevant.

1. Curate

Decide the topics you want to be known for and find useful articles to share on your social networks. A good start is search.twitter.com, as well as tools like BuzzSumo Alerts. B2B audiences respond well to statistics, quotes, video and social infographics, as well as links to trends and how to articles.

2. Create

If you write articles, be sure to share on social channels. If you answer questions as part of your job, create anonymised versions of that Q&A to create blog posts you can share on your networks. Attend events offline or even online and tweet what you are learning. Write slightly longer descriptions on LinkedIn. Share photos of the event you’re attending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

3. Collaborate

One of the core components of social networking is to ask your fledgling community to share their opinion and then reward their contribution by publicly recognising them. Use Twitter polls, ask questions and engage with your social community to surface content ideas or event content itself. 

For time management, schedule 10-15 minutes every morning to spend time on social content. There’s no need to overthink it, but be smart with your planning and use tools to be effective. Creating a relevant source of useful information and engaging with your growing community will help you shine in a sea of social noise.