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A decade gone digital

Hi Mum,

Have just landed in Cambodia and things are going well so far. Found an internet café with one working computer so thought I’d quickly update you on our status.

Phnom Penh was amazing – we’ve been studying our well-thumbed (now falling apart) Lonely Planet Cambodia Guide for the last two months while touring Thailand, so we knew the areas to go to and things to see. It was a bit of a struggle finding our hotel, but we bought a map from a local stall and, with the help of a very jolly tuk-tuk driver, got there in the end.

We’re not up-to-date on news as our hotel room only has a few local channels. What’s happening back home? Sarah’s been emailing us updates from the TV shows we’re missing but we only pick those up every few weeks when we find an internet café. She tried to send us pics of that incident at the Superbowl with Justin and Janet Jackson (sounded crazy) but the images didn’t download – apparently the satellite connection is too slow.

The plan tomorrow is to find an electrical store and buy a digital camera. We’ve got months of photos and have been developing them along the way, so our rucksacks are full. Some of the photos got wet, crumpled and a bit faded on our travels, but it actually gave them quite a nice effect. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the photos onto a CD, which will be loads better.

Tonight we’re off to a bar that allegedly featured in the Tomb Raider film, and was a favourite of Angelina Jolie when she was out here filming. We read in Lonely Planet that everyone who has visited the bar leaves a polaroid of themselves there, and there are hundreds of pics all over the walls and tables. It will be nice to see all the faces of people that have passed through before us. Maybe we’ll recognise someone.

Once we’ve seen Angkor Wat we’re planning on going to Vietnam. A few people we met in a café the other day said it was amazing. They’ve given us some recommendations of hostels, which is a huge help as you often can’t guarantee they’re going to be clean. The flights are cheap, so we’ll be going to a travel agent (also recommended by them) to sort the tickets tonight. Hope we don’t lose our tickets as you know the trouble we had last time getting replacements.

After a couple of weeks in Vietnam we’ll be Australia-bound, landing in Sydney in August. I sent a letter to Uncle Baden to tell him to expect us – not sure if he got it. Here’s hoping they’ll remember me – I’ve changed a lot since I was eight years old. I hope Dad’s been regularly posting him pics of us so he can spot us in the airport.

If he’s not there we’ll try to flag down a taxi and just turn up at their house. Can you email me their address, and directions on how to get there?

That’s all from us – I think I saw a phone box in town so will try to give you a call in the next few weeks. It’s so great to be able to keep in touch… Isn’t technology amazing?