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Delivering on customer needs

The app economy is booming

Right now there are more than 5,500 applications listed on GetApp across 25-30 distinct categories. Many have been specially created to help small businesses with tasks like publishing and tracking social media posts or managing projects. That means there are now more users of different apps within a business – even in a 2- or 3-person organization responsibilities may be shared. 

People are working across devices

We’ve seen an increase of over 400% in the number of people using mobile to access our applications since 2012. Evidence that small businesses want to get tasks done while on the move. So we’ve rebuilt our platform to make it fully responsive. Now, whether users login through their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, they’ll get the same functionality, optimized to their device.

Integrated offers are more likely to engage

Organizations are recognizing that if cloud application propositions are to succeed, they need to be deeply integrated with their brand, products and customer experience. Offers and promotions also play an important part in engaging customers. Brands want to be able to test propositions quickly by bundling apps and products together at a certain price point, then trying a different combination.

Tailored support gets value from customers

If a brand is to really get value from a customer, the small business needs to be signed up and using their applications regularly. To get them to that point means engaging them in a variety of ways, to reflect their lifecycle, behaviours and what they want to hear. 

A communication strategy should be aimed at helping customers get value out of the service, which then generates ongoing revenue for the brand.

The better you know your users, the better you can serve them

Keeping up with customers is one of the ways brands can compete in a busy marketplace. Central to that is having the data to see how services are performing, then using those insights to shape propositions and drive decisions. Brands can now access this information at a click, wherever and whenever they want.

The market will continue to evolve, and so will BCSG’s platform. Whatever we do, we’ll always start with the small business need. Because we know that’s how we deliver best value for our clients.