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Determining What Your Business Is Worth

Knowing what the true value of your business is in the thriving economy of Brighton can help you to protect your assets and plan for the future of your company more efficiently. You know the economic strength of the market in this UK location, so planning carefully – should you have to encounter litigation for any reason – is an excellent move for you to make in advance of any disputes. Do you know what your business is really worth? Let’s take a look at how you and a team of forensic accountants can arrive at an accurate appraisal of your business. 

Why Get a Business Valuation? 

There are usually three reasons why you may want a team of forensic accounts to determine a business valuation for you. They include: 

  • Litigation that involves divorce, the dissolution of a partnership, economic damages, or bankruptcy. You might also need experts for any breach of contract cases, minority oppression suits, or corporate dissolutions. In any case, you’ll need an expert to verify your company’s worth.
  • Tax purposes. Whether you’re involved in a UK tax dispute, payment of your tax obligations, or trying to determine an accurate tax bracket for your company, a team of forensic accountants can help you to arrive at a fair and just solution.
  • Business transactions that involve acquisitions in the ever-changing Brighton business landscape, buy-outs, or mergers may require you to report an accurate financial statement of your assets.

All of this information will impact the appraisal of your company by an independent agency and the solution that is determined for your litigation. 

Determining the Standard That Is Used 

Knowing the purpose for your valuation will help the team decide which standard of value to use when finding the worth of your company. Standards can include: 

  • The Fair Market Worth
  • The Investment Value
  • Fair Value
  • Fundamental Value of Your Company

If you are engaging in estate planning or enduring a divorce, your Brighton accountants will use the fair market standard. For acquisitions and mergers, they will apply the investment value standard, which will be targeted for investors and other stakeholders in the process. 

The Expertise That You Need 

Because of the high density of successful businesses in the greater Brighton area, you will want to have a team of forensic accountants from Brighton who are very familiar with the business landscape and how it relates to your company. Whether you’re in the popular media sector of Silicon Beach or have your company located in the upscale Trafalgar Place, you will need a team of professionals who can determine the flow of your cash and how your coffers are impacted by any losses that they encounter. They must be highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable in all tenets of forensic accountancy; you should also expect customer care that is second to none. 

When you need a business valuation, it’s wise to consult the experts who use their technical and analytical skills to arrive at a fair and just solution for your company. Having a skilled team working on your behalf is certainly a valuable asset in itself for your business. 

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