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Digital and mobile marketing predictions for 2015

 As New Year is approaching, with all its consumerist folklore, numerous manufacturers are

working on new models for the following year.

As fall serves as an impression collector of the current year and a basis for strategies for the forthcoming one, it is now when producers are announcing their digital novelties. Hand in hand with that process, buyers are getting prepared for the new range of models and offers from which they are going to select their new gadget pets. Since Black Thursday is not that far away, buyers must already be informed on the new lines of products, so that that can make a financial plan on priorities and decide what gadgets to buy at the same moment the Thanksgiving Day discounts are launched and which ones are going to wait until the Christmas part of the shopping craze. Here are some models that seem to be the most convenient ones for 2015.


Where Nexus meets HTC


One of the most exciting rumors is that HTC, after a great success of their Volantis model, the experts from HTC are ready to expand their field of interest to joint effort with the Nexus team to make the Nexus 9 model. The word is that this new super-tablet is going to be supported by the Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor. Rumor has it that the date on which they are going to announce (or even release) the new model is October 16.


Samsung Galaxy Tab3

As an already existing and popular model, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 remains one of the most exciting tablets on the market. The main advantages of this model lie in its 1.2 GHz dual core processor and two convenient cameras. The en-face one offers 1.3 MP and it will suffice average video chat needs, while the 4 MP from the main camera guarantee high-quality photos. In addition to these features, this model also provides for a great music and games hub.




Although the name of this model seems to be hiding a kind R2D2 would use if it (or is it he?) were able to use tablets, this is only a handy and widely accepted ASUS model. With the 7'' screen that offers 323 pixels squeezed into every inch, ASUS- 1A050A is a real photo- candy and it makes fantastic photos and videos.  On this screen, you can see images which are sharper and more detailed than photos in any professional photo magazine. Also, movies can be watched in high-definition.

When it comes to its operative speed, this ASUS offers quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, in combination with 2 GB of RAM, which together makes for a perfect mixture of speed and smoothness. This ASUS is definitely one of the most attractive models and stays on the same position for 2015.


Get your credit cards ready for use and make a thorough analysis of the models for 2015. The winter shopping season is knocking on the door and you should have everything ready to host it in a proper way.

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