Digital Marketing Serves to Reinforce Your Marketing Strategy, Not Replace It

Marketing strategy differs from company to company. Even within the same company, the strategy for improving product uptake can differ based on seasons, the target group, or the company’s inclination to adapt to a changing competitive environment.

As technology advances, many businesses are opting to use digital signage advertising as opposed to more seasoned methods such as newspaper, TV and radio advertising.

Questions abound as to the relevance of such methods but the fact of the matter is that, mainstream advertising media is still relevant. Digital signage marketing complements existing marketing strategies.

Various factors can influence the marketing mix for a product. They include:


There are two reasons that could influence you to use print advertising:

  • The targeted group consumes that sort of advertising material.
  • Your company has enough money to sustain the advert for a prolonged time.

  • Consumer habits

Customer habits change all the time. There is research material for instance that shows the times of the day when customers are likely to be viewing TV. Most companies will run their adverts on TV at those times.

During morning and evening traffic, customers listen to the radio as they while away the hours in traffic. This is the best time to run a radio advert.

Competitor marketing activity

You should not allow your competitors to be dominant on a specific medium. Counter them by introducing your own adverts.

If customers do not see your products advertised but they are seeing your competitor’s adverts, your relevance to your customers will begin to wane.


If you opt to sell your products online, a good part of your marketing will be digital as your target audience is online customers. 

Based on the above four factors, you could choose to use digital signage alone or a mix of digital signage and other methods.

Part of the reason why digital signage is a popular medium for marketing is that it has some attributes that other methods of marketing don’t give you. Creative digital signs will allow you to:

  • Be responsive to customers’ needs.
  • Advertise to customers at the place of purchase.
  • Run your adverts without worrying about costs.
  • Dominate the marketing space by focusing only on your brand.


Below are some ways that using digital signage will help fortify your marketing strategy:

  • Digital signage allows two-way interaction through social media and mobile phone apps. This allows customers to actuate your call to action.
  • Digital signage adverts prompt customers to ask questions at the shop.
  • You can provide information on how to assemble your products
  • You can up sell accessories and other related products.
  • They are an effective way for managing your content strategy as they allow you to screen more content than any other medium does.

Bottom line

Digital signage works best in the store. Other forms of advertising work to direct customers to the store. Therefore, before you ditch mainstream forms of advertising, remember that they have their place. However, the factors listed above should determine your choice to use mainstream media for advertising.

If your products sell in a physical store, your marketing strategy should incorporate digital signage, otherwise your strategy will not be a truly effective one.