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Digital marketing for small companies: know who your potential customers are

True, many of our clients are global corporations but we also have a number of small local clients and in both our larger clients and their smaller cousins, digital marketing knowledge among marketers is pretty thin on the ground.

And here’s a tip if you are a small business: digital marketing agencies find it relatively easy to apply the marketing techniques they use with global businesses to small enterprises and can achieve exactly the same results.

This means that if you approach a digital agency with global clients, as a small enterprise you can expect to receive a similar level of expertise and marketing returns as global operations would anticipate.

And the real advantage of working with a smaller digital agency with a transnational client base is that they have cutting edge technical and marketing know-how, which, because you are smaller and there is actually less to do, comes at a much lower cost.

Many well-organised digital marketing agencies will be more than happy to take you on as a client (including ourselves) as working with larger clients often leaves useable gaps in work-rate schedules. These can be more conveniently filled with smaller projects, so it really is to the agency’s advantage to fill these gaps profitably.

So both parties win.

Entry to this kind of relationship may seem daunting to some smaller companies, who may have concerns about projects running out of financial control with no marketing benefit.

But if you were just to start the relationship by asking the agency to improve your search engine ranking for a fixed period, say, when you have a promotion running, or to tell you how many people visit your site at a given time, these are relatively easy projects to control and the costs can be estimated and fixed in advance.

And the benefits to you will be significant: you will have a much greater insight into your marketing and promotional activities, and you will start to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of your overall marketing spend.

As our global clients will tell you, there is very little in marketing communications that can’t be performance-measured digitally, including hard copy collateral such as brochure material.

So, working with a smaller digital marketing agency with high-end clients, selecting a small project such as those mentioned here and asking for performance measurement services as part of the package will give you a rapid, cost-efficient and measurable entry into the next level in digital marketing performance. Helping build business, and your own digital expertise.


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