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Do we love brands?

The question is one that splits the B2B marketing industry right down the middle. For instance, at a recent B2B@Google event the question initiated a vast array of responses, from: ‘Of course people love brands’ to ‘you’re crazy if you love brands.’

But, the discussion may at last be over as new research by Google has revealed B2B buyers have a more emotional connection to brands than B2C. This is because these purchases require more personal risks than daily B2C buys.

As a result, following this line of thought, marketers should be appealing to buyers’ rational side, while ensuring their brand speaks
to people, appealing to their emotions. But, how can they do this? Social of course.

Here are five simple ways marketers can use social to appeal to prospects’ emotions:

1. Say hello. Saying ‘good morning’, ‘how are you today’ triggers a response from your audience and shows you really care. These tweets are not a waste of time.

2. Interact with your audience. Interaction isn’t just a quick response or retweet, but sparking genuine conversations with your followers about their updates.

3. Share other people’s content. If it’s of interest to your prospects, share it – whether you have created it or not. It will ensure 

you are recognised as a great information resource in your subject area, rather than just being a traffic hungry brand.

4. Have a personality. Being human means having a personality. Comment on news, share jokes and daily insights about how your brand 

works internally.

5. Don’t cause a link explosion. Do not only share links to your own content. Link after link after link gets boring.