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Do you have the habits of a highly successful brand? Find out what distinguishes successful suppliers from the also-rans...

In the 1980s Stephen Covey wrote about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Buyersphere Report is a great opportunity to reinterpret this approach for marketers – so we aim to uncover the habits that distinguish the successful B2B suppliers from the also-rans who invested the time and effort in the prospect but were ultimately discarded before the end of the buying process.

In particular, the research investigates:

·         Familiarity with the brand before the buying process

·         Methods and frequency of communication

·         Personality and direct, human engagement

·         Differentiation by product, price and location

Do you have the habits of a highly successful brand? Are you doing the things that the winning suppliers did? In B2B, the buying process is a long one, and insight into how brands can be the “last man standing” is invaluable. 

Get free insight now by downloading our free mini-report, The winning habits of successful B2B brands.