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Do You Think You Are Doing Inbound Marketing?

So, you think you are doing inbound marketing…?

Here are a few questions for you...


Do you think that because you use social media and have a blog and give away ebooks or whitepapers, that you are doing inbound marketing?

If so, then our friends over at Element Three have a great paper on Why You Suck At Inbound Marketing


Do you think that because you get inbound calls this means you are doing inbound marketing?

You may want to watch this video on how an Inbound Call Centre Grows Revenue Using Inbound Marketing 


Do you know how to:


  • Engage with your online audience and speak to their issues
  • Create content for conversion
  • Convert your audience to leads and sales
  • Build your audience and extend your reach


If not, then you might want to have a listen to this Q&A webinar session with experts Johnny Mone of Brightfire and Jeetu Mahtani Managing Director at Hubspot International 


How Confident are You in Your Business's Ability to Report Marketing ROI?


If not too confident, then you might want to  view and listen to this Webinar where you can hear resident inbound expert and cloud orchestration software provider Flexiant's marketing manager talk about how they are set-up to measure and report on ROI.

In this webinar we discuss with cloud orchestration software provider Flexiant their experience using inbound marketing to grow their software company.