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Does your tech brand have a multi-million dollar calling card?

I was speaking with the EMEA Marketing Director of one of our technology clients recently and he summed it up brilliantly: “We do lots of different types of marketing but our roadshow is the only one that makes a measurable difference; getting us in front of our customers, and most importantly, the decision makers.”

As the latest Bellwether report announces that marketing spend is beginning to rise, the reality is that budgets are still predicted to be tight and ROI has never been so important in the boardroom.  So what does roadshow marketing offer and why is it being used more and more by some of the world’s leading tech brands? Here are four big reasons why...

Supporting Partners
Keen to ensure that they were making the most effective use of their market development funds, a global technology company appointed us to launch a long-term roadshow which would better support their partners in four markets. Each partner was equipped with a bespoke mobile showroom truck to help promote a new offer to key customers. The tech company funding the initiative had piece of mind that the experience would be consistent, satisfying both brand and partner requirements. 

We’ve also worked with a technology firm on a roadshow that was used for a subsidised rate by their original equipment manufacturer partners.  By pooling spend it enabled the creation of a truly impressive campaign – something that would probably have been unaffordable alone. Now that’s smart spending!

A new approach to boot-camps
Usually tech boot-camps take place to communicate a revolutionary new product launch or innovation to partners or resellers, so it’s crucial that this is supported by the event experience.

In some cases this involves roadshow trucks and in others, particularly where the audience size is much larger, a pop-up event arena. One of our clients is about to provide the ultimate stage to help their local markets engage resellers – with the use of an innovative inflatable architectural structure. This sleek and minimalistic solution has helped overcome the high cost and time spent dressing hotel venues as well as injecting some theatre into the more predictable tech boot-camp approach.

Million dollar calling card
In the words of a VP of Marketing from a long-standing tech infrastructure client, “this truck is a multi-million dollar calling card”. I’d probably say that this is the most impressive reason of all as he’s not referring to the cost of the roadshows but to its ability to directly reach customers on their doorstep, engaging everyone in the decision making process from chief technology officers to project managers.  B2B focussed mobile tours also enable you to quickly respond to new market opportunities without having to wait for the next big trade show or congress.

Committed to driving results
We have more than 100 tech roadshow days planned this month alone – some clients will be doing it for the first time while others repeat their winning formula.  Our roadshow marketing end-to-end service removes the challenge of negotiating complex logistics across wide geographical areas so that businesses can focus on the customer experience, showcase their technology, enter new and buoyant markets, and support tradeshow activity too.