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Email and Speed are Top of the Modern Marketer’s Agenda

Oracle Eloqua's intensive report, Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal, has highlighted several key areas on which marketing decision-makers need to focus – and a surprising lack of ego on the part of Modern Marketers themselves . . .

Real World vs. Ideal World

Modern Marketers revealed that they feel they’re underperforming when comparing themselves to the five core competencies driving the function of the 'ideal marketer':

Actual Ideal

Marketing technology6% vs. 13%

Analytics8% vs. 15%

Conversion11% vs. 19%

Engagement15% vs. 24%

Targeting19% vs. 29%

Moving with the Times

But Modern Marketers should give themselves some credit – after all, it'll be down to their stellar efforts that:

60% of marketers say their companies are now adopting and integrating Modern Marketing practices in 2013 . . .

compared to

. . .  just 15% in 2011.

Top Five Biggest Changes to Modern Marketing

What do Modern Marketers believe have been the most transformative factors in marketing?

No. 1Ability to track marketing ROI due to technology (74%)

No. 2Use of social media in marketing (61%)

No. 3Maturation of demand generation and lead nurturing (44%)

No. 4Shift of power from the brand to the customer (37%)

No. 5Fragmentation of media (28%)

The Three Pillars of marketing Success

Marketers place three factors above all others when seeking evidence of how successful their marketing has been:

Marketing ROI 34%

Marketing-influenced sales 21%

Conversion rate 20%

Top to Bottom: the Digital Marketing Landscape Defined

What Modern Marketers believe are the most and least important digital marketing activities:

From top . . .

Email 58%

 PR, blogging, customer case studies  44%

Social media 41%

. . . to bottom

Custom publishing 6%

Affiliate marketing 3%


The Top Three Challenges Facing Marketers

Has lack of investment through the recession caused the problems marketers see today? Here's what marketers said their top challenges are:

The need to achieve faster and more relevant touch points in the market48%

Difficulty measuring ROI38%

Increased difficulty to making offer and timing of message specific to customer32%

A helping hand? Or a hindrance?

With so many emerging challenges, Modern Marketers are increasingly turning to third-party suppliers to aid with their marketing campaigns – but overall satisfaction ratings with such providers are only rated at an average . . .

5.8 out of 10.


  • Creative skills and knowledge of marketing technology are of equal importance in the modern marketplace.

  • Email is considered to be the most important digital marketing activity and the need for speed and relevance are the greatest challenges.

  • Content-rich marketing tactics such as white papers and webcasts are essential for lead generation and lead nurturing.

  • Modern Marketers believe they should ‒ and could ‒ be doing better.

To find out more about what makes the Ideal Modern Marketer, and the obstacles marketers face in trying to fulfil that role, click here for a free download of the full results of the report: Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal