Is emotional engagement just common sense by another name?

What is emotion and why is it important?
Do we really get it and understand how influential it can be?
Do clients really not understand the importance of the ‘long game’, or are agencies just looking to take the easy money and run?

There are many fads and trends within the marketing world, often disguised with a fancy new name. But when you strip them back, these are more often than not just following old school principles and are, some might say, nothing more than common sense. So is emotional marketing just the latest in a long line of marketing buzz phrases? If you think it is, then you might need to think again.

It is shocking to see emotional marketing sitting on the sidelines of the B2B world, mistakenly consigned to the world of B2C. Come on guys, wake up and smell the coffee. The big question you should all be asking yourself is, if this is just common sense why isn’t it common B2B practice?

I will be debunking popular beliefs about what emotional engagement actually means, looking at how it can be measured in a way that resonates at board level, and exploring ways to unlock business value through customer engagement - in my upcoming key note "Emotional marketing within B2B? Don't make me laugh", at the B2B Marketing Conference 2014, on Wednesday 5 of November. 

And if you'd like to challenge me for some fresh ideas on tackling your own engagement issues, you can find me at the OgilvyOne dnx Idea Hub, open all day on November 5th at the conference. I hope to meet you then.