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Empowering the Publishers and Data Providers with the White Label Ad Exchange

Not only were we at Mobile World Congress last month, but we were very excited to officially launch our White Label Ad Exchange platform in the weeks running up to the event.

The White Label Ad Exchange is the industry’s first technology platform that enables any organisation to launch their own mobile ad exchange. This means premium publishers, ad networks, mobile operators and data providers will be able to set up their own branded programmatic trading environment, with total control over how their ad inventory and data are traded, so they can extract maximum value.

Our White Label Ad Exchange lets organisations take advantage of their user data to offer advertisers audience extension and retargeting campaigns across any publishers’ ad inventory – all within a totally secure infrastructure that they have full control over.

As we have an advanced data security infrastructure, combined with highly customisable trading rules, the owner of each White Label Ad Exchange can determine the flow of their inventory and data to each demand partner. In addition to real-time bidding (RTB) auctions, our trading rules support multiple alternative sales channels, including preferred trading relationships, programmatic direct sales and internal media sales teams.

To summarise how the White Label Ad Exchange addresses many of the limitations of programmatic trading faced by premium publishers and mobile network operators today, it gives premium publishers and ad networks:

The ability to configure and control what, how, with whom and at what price they sell different categories of inventory programmatically, whilst avoiding open exchanges;

Full protection of the commercial value of their data and users’ privacy rights by maintaining strict User ID management and security protocols that ensure the data has no value beyond their own ad exchange ecosystem;

Configuration of advanced trading rules to manage who gets to see what ad spaces and data fields, ensuring they protect their different sales channels, including direct sales;

The option to extend their data’s reach and value by enriching ad inventory sourced through Axonix’s global inventory supply or by forming direct contracts with other publishers;

Ready-made demand – start trading immediately with the 100+ global demand-side platforms already integrated within the Axonix platform, configuring the trading rules with each;

No capital expenditure budget or software development resources required – Axonix provides the technology as a Platform-as-a-Service solution that is charged on a revenue share basis;

By becoming the marketplace, the large (and often hidden) margins made by ad networks or third party exchanges are retained by the publisher.