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Endorsements on LinkedIn: A waste of time? NO!

Many B2B marketers will talk about using LinkedIn as part of their marketing, and I would have to agree. LinkedIn is probably the most important of the Social Media platforms for most B2B businesses, certainly the small ones.

So we all agree then?

Well, actually that is where we might stop agreeing. Sure I can talk about LinkedIn strategies that you’ll either do, or know people who have succeeded with (and I might do that on another blog here).

BUT: What about LinkedIn Endorsements

This is where most LinkedIn users start to moan!

“Getting endorsed by people I don’t know for things I don’t do doesn’t help me”

“Getting random endorsements is silly”

“Being asked to endorse people annoys me”

“What’s the point anyway”

Whatever you think of them, you can use them profitably – it’s just that very few people do! Read on for more…

Is there a future for LinkedIn endorsements? 

Search algorithm: If you add an easy way for a computer to rank people, it’s hard not to believe that in the future people with more endorsements won’t start appearing more highly in LinkedIn searches. I’ve not seen it yet, but can you believe we won’t?

The human eye: We could debate whether humans like you and I look more favourably upon people with more endorsements. I have a feeling that, despite my prejudices against the system, even I do. How about you?

Profiting from Linked endorsements.

Here’s what I did, in under an hour.

I thanked my 151 (as was) endorsers. After all, politeness doesn’t hurt, as my dear mum told me. I personalised the message slightly depending on who they were and used the opportunity to start a conversation. I did not attempt to “sell” (LinkedIn is about networking, not selling).

Many answered and did little more than that.

30% came back, asked after me and about something specific they saw in my profile. That sounds like some good relationships restarting. That means a 30% return rate, which many email systems would consider good.

I had 6 direct enquiries about my work and how I might be able to help them.

In other words, I got a response rate in excess of one third, reignited some relationships and got a number of sales enquiries – from simply doing what my mum taught me, being polite!

What is social media for?

If social media is a platform to allow to you to network, then any excuse to help you talk to people is good – why not use it? Or are you still moaning about endorsements?

How have you used LinkedIn endorsements? 

Written by Jon Baker, the 5-50 Coach. I help people grow their firm from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably, while they still have a life. You can get in touch with me at