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Entrepreneur Closes 37% of Investors using Inbound Method

  • identify investors
  • network to coordinate calls and meetings
  • work 1:1 to create demand

This tried and tested approach produced somewhere in the region of a 5-10% close rate.


In his article Close A Round With New “Inbound” Techniques And Tools On AngelList Antony covers some of the things he wishes he’d known previously.


Based on Antony’s article and experience, here we focus on a three point ‘to-do’ list when considering fundraising using the inbound method:


    • Run a campaign to generate inbound demand
    • Apply  the latest marketing technology and techniques
    • Use a sales funnel to move from commitment to closing


Run an Inbound Campaign to Generate Demand:


‘The first and most important thing we did was to shift the way we thought about the fundraising from “outbound” sales to “inbound” marketing designed to generate demand.’


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