EU Single Digital Market: Three ingredients for exceptional customer engagement

Magali Germain, marketing director EMEA at GMC Software, examines how B2B marketers can meet the challenge of the European Union Single Digital Market by providing exceptional customer engagement

The European Union is pushing ahead with plans to create a single digital market, tearing down regulatory walls to make it easier to trade across the continent. Despite the positive headlines, this means B2B marketers will have to up their game if they want to be a frontrunner in what is an increasingly diverse field.

It’s likely many mature markets will be at risk from new competitors undercutting them on price, so customer experience is going to become increasingly critical to the success of businesses. True, some organisations have started appointing chief customer officers, but not everybody has warmed to this new C-suite position and won’t go down this road. This represents an opportunity for marketers to step up and make a difference.

Here are three key areas B2B marketers should focus on to drive exceptional customer engagement:

1) Customer journey mapping

Many B2B marketers will be familiar with mapping aspects of the customer journey including acquisition, purchase and complaint; but often the wider ecosystem around customers is ignored. This includes phone interactions, corporate policies around customer engagement, training programmes for staff members who stand on the front line, and privacy laws regarding customer information.

Activity from the wider ecosystem can impact customer experience. For example call centre data can provide insight into how customer experience could be improved, and journey mapping can identify previously-undetected roadblocks in terms of delivering to customers.

2) Measuring the quality of customer experience

While the trusty Net Promoter Score (NPS) has a valuable part to play, it stops short of measuring the actual customer experience. Other metrics must be used which analyse ways in which the business is delivering the experience it wants to offer.

3) Customer experience strategy

B2B Marketers must have a clear idea in their head of exactly what kind of experience they want customers to receive, and align that to overall corporate strategy and brand attributes. By skipping this step, they will struggle to ensure this strategy is properly resourced and prioritised internally, let alone properly implemented. Once this area is mastered, they can stride on to matching customer experience strategy with overall strategy.

Emerge as the hero

If the European Union’s Single Digital Market plans come to fruition, the business landscape could be set to dramatically alter. If organisations do not give great customer service, they could find themselves in trouble, but by addressing these three steps, B2B marketers can emerge as the hero of the hour and put their organisation in a strong position at the dawning of this brave new day.