Euro 2012 prediction league

England may not be hotly tipped this summer. But you can still enjoy Euro 2012 with our ‘Predicta League’ (and you can win an iPad...)

It’s pretty straightforward...

Predict the results of all the games, leading through to the final. And also predict the top five goal scorers, and you’ll be entered into a league table. Here's the link:

Over the course of the tournament, algorithms we don’t need to understand will update the table according to whose predictions are most accurately mimicking the action over in Poland and Ukraine.

If you see your name at the top of the table when the tournament is over, you will win a new iPad.

You can follow all the action on Twitter via the #b2bEuro hash tag. And there will also be the occasional news report from the B2B Marketing sports desk too.

You have until 8 June to register your predictions. So, get thinking. And good luck.


Is anyone not tipping Spain to defend their crown?

Who do you think will be named European champions this June?