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Eventbrite Problems With Unsubscribes & Bounces

If you use Eventbrite to handle event ticketing – beware of their service allowing you to upload and use your own mailing lists.

We did this for a client and found that Eventbrite limited our mailing from 2000 recipients per day down to 500 because they thoghte our client was a spammer.  They aren’t.

Here’s what went wrong – an email feedback to Eventbrite Customer Support


I would add a small bit of feedback to you – it is not made clear that Eventbrite does not manage and handle list updates with regard to unsubscribes and bounces – because we are used to using Campaign Monitor and FeedBlitz (which you don’t yet integrate with) and their service does this.  I was under the impression that you also offer this updating.

It probably would be helpful for new users if you could make it clearer that you do not handle unsubs and bounces and that the user has to re-save and re-upload their files in order to be compliant.