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Executives Need To Confront Changing Expectations

"The real threat to capitalism isn't unfettered financial cunning. It is, instead, the inability (or unwillingness) of executives to confront the changing expectations of their stakeholders about the role of business in society.

"In recent years, consumers and citizens have become increasingly disgruntled with the implicit contract that governs the rights and obligations of society's most powerful economic actors - large industrial companies.

"To many, this contract seems one- sided - it has worked well for CEOs and shareholders, but not so well for everyone else."

Mr. Hamel points to the values revolution that is taking place. It calls for new thinking about how to bridge the gap between commerce and people.

This is what drives emotive branding. Having said that, emotive branding isn't a cure - it is simply a prescription.

We help brands see their meaningful potential - through this lens brands can identify what changes they need to make in their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in order to narrow the distance between themselves and values-aware people.

From employees to customers to partners to communities, emotive branding conveys meaning and evokes emotions that help close the gap between commerce and people.