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Exhibitions - To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question…

At TFM&A this week I was all set to use twitter to run competitions and get visitors to our stand as I have done previously but this time I found it took me away from the job in hand and I became incredibly anti-social, the complete opposite of what the two days should have been about. 

I lost that one-to-one connection because I was staring at my phone the whole time, checking for updates and sending out tweets.  Social media is all about connecting and networking and this is exactly what you’re at the exhibition to do, but is it there we should leave social media at the office and concentrate on real-life interaction?  I’m a big fan of social media so I’m torn.

So how bad did it get?  A friend at the show told me that last year she accidentally walked into the men’s toilet because she was too busy tweeting, another told me she tweeted someone while she was in the toilet cubicle (I admit I also did this as it was the only time I could concentrate) only to walk out and see the person she’d just tweeted – how embarrassing! 

So what will I do at Social Media World Forum which I’m attending at the end of the month? I can’t possibly not tweet from a social media event can I? But what’s the point of attending and then spending the whole time on twitter – I might as well stay in the office right? What does everyone else think? Anyone got any other embarrassing twitter stories?