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Existing customers are not a priority for marketers

As indicated by a recent global study on the subject and confirmed by a new report from Forbes Insights and Sitecore, which states that the primary goal of marketing organizations is to win new customers.

The research, carried out in the United States, reveals that among the executives surveyed marketing (312), despite acknowledging that the average customer lifetime value (CLV) is high or extremely important, is only calculated at 58% of occasions. In fact, 24% have no plans to calculate or know how to do it, while 47% do not know the full potential of CLV.


 The finding suggests that the focus is on the acquisition, as shown by 49% of participants who choose this option focused on earnings growth. But marketing technology also plays an interesting role, because while 94% believe keeping customers for life is among the main goals, only 49% of these, you are satisfied with how marketing technology helps achieve this purpose.

The variety of tools used, are another factor. Participants reported an average use of 36 data collection systems, and even some sellers exceed the hundred systems.

So while 53% give priority to the development of a unique and personal vision for each client (priority among marketers worldwide) face technological challenges as the multiplicity / duplicity of data (41%), too many systems / difficulty making tracking data storage (38%) and isolated (37%) data.

As a result, 62% of participants considered their priority to create a central database of customers who have gathered information from experiences with the consumer, and 59% feel it is a priority to have a single system, to bring the experiences with clients to potential digital channels.

Cultivating Existing Customers

The one great truth about online and offline business is that customers are acquired and the center and the foundation of the brand or company. So it is important that they never set aside, or assume that they do not need further attention.

By contrast, many of the digital marketing strategies should revolve around them, as their recommendations and loyalty you will grow faster and more sustainable. 
Here are some tips to take care of your current customers:

Keep in Touch

With the new technologies of communication and information to fulfill this requirement is easier because there are multiple ways to stay in touch with current customers. The email, social networking, blog, including Twitter, can help in this regard. 
Keep track of your customers using these tools or even calling them from time to time just to say hello. You will see that they will start feeling confident when they started doing business with your brand or company...

Customize Your Relationship

After many years of business relationship, including an online customer is not just another number in their database, but a different person all others. Therefore, it is important that you customize the deal with him, either digitally or posts particularly adapted content. By now you already know what you need, how you like things and what their style of consumption.

Give 3 Offers, Promotions or Special Gifts

It is a way to add value to your offer. This is one of the most effective strategies. Make her feel special with a vested after a long time with additional deals and know what your customer needs customer will give you many points in its favor.

Innovate Your Products or Services

Customers also purchased and they know you and therefore what you can offer them. Therefore, it is important to innovate and be creative to give you a bonus and they feel they are not a brand or company to which stalled. Note also that both the market and competition are changing and you have to adapt to these changes as well as your products or services.

You can always innovate, offer new ways to meet the needs of their older clients. This will put you a step ahead of the competition.

Follow-up Satisfaction

Learn how your client feels both products or services and for customer service. New technological tools can help you gather this information. The information is the foundation of any successful business, establish plans to stay informed about systematic and consistent way to your customer satisfaction.

If you can apply online via periodic surveys of how you feel the customer with their services or products. You can also research the competition to know what to do and how they offer.