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Experiencing my first B2B Marketing Summit

Rosie Walsh, marketing intern at Olive Communications, shares her first B2B Marketing Summit experience

Last week I attended the B2B Marketing Summit 2016 for the first time at the Business Design Centre in Angel, Islington. I’ve been fortunate enough for this to be the third marketing event I’ve attended since I started my placement year and think this was my favourite one yet.

It was pretty clear from the start that there was a main theme around the Summit, which was content marketing, a topic that came up in every talk I went to, with Joe Pulizzi’s opening keynote about content marketing a great way to start the day. Interestingly, my main takeaway from this talk was learning about The Chicken Whisperer (I’m serious), who managed to build a business and create high-quality content around teaching people how to raise chickens; creating a whole community from building content ranging from podcasts to books to meet-and-greet events. It really goes to show that “There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people” – G. K. Chesterton.

My favourite talk of the day was from Jason Miller, group manager of content marketing at LinkedIn, entitled: 'How to achieve face-melting content marketing ROI'. I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty intense talk. Jason presents very passionately, but it just makes his points more memorable and his examples of content marketing in co-ordination to rock music made it more relatable to me on a personal level. If I remember anything from the Summit it is this: disco is the noise and punk rock is the disrupter, and as marketers you want to be punk rock (plus being punk rock is way cooler than being disco anyway).

Aside from content marketing, there was a lot of buzz around being authentic and engaging more with customers in a bid to build trust and advocacy. People don’t trust marketers anymore: only 3 per cent of people said they trust marketers, with baristas being more highly trusted, according to Gina Balarin’s presentation on 'Marketing in the era of authenticity'. People trust what their friends and family have to say about a product/service or social influencers.

The B2B Marketing Summit definitely had a different vibe to the Marketing Week Live show I went to previously, the quality of content from the guest speakers felt like it had more value and the event as a whole was organised to a T. There were around 900 marketers that attended and everyone was well looked after, there were cute food stands (this is the second event I’ve attended where there has been a popcorn stand – marketers LOVE popcorn) in addition to food and drink being available all day, and despite the volume of people who attended I was still able to get a good seat at every event.

Thank you to the B2B Marketing team for organising such a wonderful and inspirational event!