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Facebook advertising: What’s not to like?

It’s no secret that Facebook restricts a business profile’s organic reach to as little as 1 per cent of its total audience. As such, it’s frustratingly hard for organisations to connect with their Facebook audience. 

If your posts aren’t being seen, liked, shared or commented on, it’s very challenging to grow your audience organically. Fortunately there’s an answer. With a relatively small social media advertising investment businesses can quickly grow their audience. And once you start spending, the clever stuff begins.

3Dconnexion, manufacturer of advanced input devices for engineering and design professionals, joined Facebook in June 2010. At first, it struggled to increase Facebook page likes and generate extended reach among its target audience organically, despite creating great content and engaging social posts.

To address this, 3Dconnexion, working with The Crocodile, has invested a small amount of money on Facebook advertising, to tap into relevant communities to increase page likes.

The Crocodile used Facebook Insights data to identify when conversations were happening, where they were taking place and key trends and topics being discussed. Combined with guidance on advertising tactics, this approach has helped 3Dconnexion rapidly grow its audience.

Using highly targeted ads based on interests, age, location and device, The Crocodile was able to promote the 3Dconnexion brand to the right audience and drive people back to its Facebook page.

In just six months 3Dconnexion’s Facebook audience grew 360 per cent – from 8,600 followers to almost 31,000. Comments, shares and post likes also grew significantly with a focused approach that promoted selected content to the audience it was created for.

The larger audience size has reinforced the importance of testing different types of Facebook content and posting at different times of day, in order to identify when the audience is most receptive to hearing from 3Dconnexion. This learning feeds directly into the constantly evolving social media strategy.

Adapting the approach to target people at events and conferences or followers of peer brands is a powerful way of generating awareness of your brand and increasing engagement with existing and potential consumers.

Unlocking the full potential of social media does require media spend, but the good news is a little can go a long way and it doesn’t take long to start meeting your goals. Whether your objective is audience growth, increased engagement, click-throughs or conversions, you can unlock the potential of your business Facebook page just like The Crocodile did for 3Dconnexion.