Facebook isn't for B2B? Oh please!

No matter how strong-willed a communications professional may be, the topic of conversation will always return to work. And over a recent batch of beers, I got into a discussion of Facebook for B2B campaigns. The argument I came up against - that Facebook is no place for serious business. As if.

Facebook has over 1.6 billion people on the network. No other medium has the ability to connect to so many people, let alone delve into the depths of people’s personalities, curriculum vitaes and spending habits. On a purely numbers basis, Facebook trumps all.

Of course, the reason most believe Facebook to be B2C only is that it is a place we go to relax. No one goes on Facebook at work. Which means, no one, most certainly, goes to Facebook for work. No siree.

Wrong. People access Facebook at work every day. Whether they go there for work related means or not doesn’t matter. They are at work, and therefore will react to business topics - especially, ads. But do people go to Facebook for work? Yes, of course they do!

The Secret Team’ is a Facebook Group for marketers with over 13,000 members. ‘Incite’ is a Group for creative digital professionals, with just under 500 members. These sorts of groups exists for all niches, in all sizes. With Facebook becoming the main way we access the web, you can bet this trend will grow.

So business people can be reached through Facebook. Whether through finding the niche Group, which will give you access to exactly the right sort of people you’re selling to, or through Facebook’s industry leading demographics, all accessible within the advertising platform. Want to reach a UK based brand manager, working in pharmaceuticals and with a healthy spending habit? Easy.

But here’s another thought… While not possible for all businesses, there are many companies that could benefit from a little B2C2B action. Anywhere there is a consumer at the end of the chain, this is possible.

The process helps create demand from the consumer, forcing the hand of businesses you sell to. We see this all the time, especially around issues such as health and education. When consumers read about health issues, or new methods of education that produce superior results, they will demand the technology, product or service is made available.

And how exactly do you create mass interest and demand in 2016? Through Facebook of course. With 37 million people using the network in the UK, a catchy story or live video can soon sweep across people’s news feed and reach thousands, potentially millions.

Whether you use Facebook ads to target business people, Facebook Groups to reach niche, but lucrative, audiences, or get involved in the smart art (not dark art) of B2C2B, you can be dead certain that the world’s leading social network will make an impact on your business.

Now, back to those beers. Ah... everyone left. Maybe this wasn’t such a good topic for drinks afterall.