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Facebook Studio?

Am I alone in not really knowing that Facebook recently launched a new community extension aimed specifically at marketers?

It happened fairly quietly over Easter, apparently. I was a little disappointed to find out after the event, especially given that part of my job (indeed one of my supposed USPs) is that I am on top of the latest technology developments.

Regardless, Facebook Studio is here. And it is offering you and your team the opportunity to ‘get recognised for your creativity, be inspired by your peers, and browse a collection of work that represents some of the best marketing on Facebook.’

A cursory examination of the site reveals a reasonable take-up, with lots of American agencies eagerly snapping up space, as well as a nicely presented selection of submitted campaigns, creatives and areas to bombard visitors with fact after fact.

It may be leaning slightly towards the B2C side of things. But B2B brands have managed to use Facebook effectively in recent years, so there’s nothing to say it wouldn’t provide benefit. And it’s definitely worth a quick examination, if nothing else…

Facebook is boosting its status as a B2B company in its own right. This fact alone makes Facebook Studio’s launch something of note.

My questions are: did you know about it and will you be using it?