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The Five “Do Not’s” Of IT Telemarketing

You know that IT telemarketing campaigns, despite being old-fashioned, can still be relied on when it comes to generating IT sales leads. The only thing that you have to remember is how to efficiently manage your marketing efforts. After all, no matter how promising your offer is, if your B2B appointment setting team is not in their top form. And all that will depend on you, the business owner or the manager. While we may know the many ways to be effective in sales, we also ought to know what we should not be doing at the same time. I mean, if we could avoid them, then we are in the clear.

So, what are these things to avoid?

  1. Piles of paperwork – yes, filing reports is necessary, but making your marketing team do a lot of papers would be a real drag. It is also a bad business move for your IT lead generation campaign, since it steals a lot of your marketers’ time and attention. In any case, try minimizing paperwork for them so that they can concentrate on bringing more B2B leads to you.
  2. Countless sales meetings – all right, maybe keeping tabs on your sales team is necessary, so that you can create better business strategies, but if it is starting to take a good amount of time from their work, then maybe you should start whittling down the time you require to meet with them. At least you give them more opportunities to get back at their work.
  3.  Playing favorites – if there is one thing that can pull down the morale of your employees, it is you having favorites among them. This sends them a message that the playing field inside the office is not level, that no matter what they do, you can only appreciate the contributions of only a few. Sure, praising your best performers is good, but please try not to heap most of your praises on only a handful.
  4. Underestimating the power of morale – good sales leads performance also rests on your ability to boost the morale of your employees. Do not underestimate its power, since poor morale can totally ruin the productivity of your business. Even the biggest marketing teams can be brought down by smaller ones due to morale. So you should know how to make it grow better.
  5. Switching sales tactics too often – if you change your sales processes too often, then you are risking yourself in terms of lost sales leads and opportunities foregone because you had your team come back to training. While it may be true that you have to improve of your marketing processes, doing that too often is not really practical or sensible.

As a marketing manager, you should be aware that IT appointment setting campaigns will only succeed if you can ensure that everyone in your team to work in their perfect form. And when I say perfect, I mean not committing any marketing practices that actually damage your business.