Five tips to get your business nominated for an award

Making your brand visible to those offering the accolades is vital, so here are our five top tips:

1.       Do your research

There are events for every type of business from small start-ups to investment banks.  Find the events and magazines that are relevant to your company and research if they have awards on offer.

2.       Choose the right category

Ensuring your company’s strengths are played to is key, so picking a category that will flatter these is imperative. Before applying, make sure your business fits all criteria applicable to an award, otherwise you will only be disappointed (and out of pocket) should you not be shortlisted.

3.       Application time

When filling out the awards application, be sure to stringently stick to the award guidelines. Highlight the strengths of your business and show the judges why you should win the award. Make sure that all the information provided is both correct and validated, remember you will be putting yourself forward among your peers; you don’t want to get caught out telling a few white lies to make you look good. Then file a copy of the application which will make the process of applying for other awards in the future easier.

4.       Follow up

Chase up your application if you haven’t heard anything back. You never know your invite to receive your award may have got lost in the post or in your email spam box.

5.       Enjoy the awards ceremony

Make sure to book a table and head along to the awards night as a team. It’s a great social night out and will prove to be a great staff bonding experience.