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Five tips to improve your email marketing

If your company is not currently using the power of the inbox to its full potential, then you're missing out. Email marketing is seeing a technological renaissance due to smartphones and social media which means there is a huge opportunity for new business, providing make the most of your email marketing campaigns.


To help, here is a list of five things to keep in mind when sending out messages and looking for the best return possible.


1. Friendly tone


A good business email will not bombard the customer with corporate talk from the get-go. You want your customer to engage with your message and actually take the time to read it. Be light, keep your tone conversational and straight to the point and definitely don't bamboozle them with technical jargon – they won’t thank you for it.


2. Good design


A smart design on your email should help your message leap off the page, or at least help to catch the eye of your customers. If you're looking for assistance with this then consider email marketing with Little Green Plane who offer a fully customisable design package that ensures your emails say the right things about your team and your company.


3. Be personal


Your demographic is everything so a personal touch in your email will get people's attention more than anything else. If you know where a customer is based then be sure to tailor your message to people from that location. If you know their age group, then use appropriate language and design styles which appeal to that market. Even knowing a first name can be a little nod that proves this email is for them and although it's a mass email it still has a touch of personal appeal.


4. Analysis


Figures never lie so use them to your advantage! They act as a great insight into where your campaign is hitting the right spots and where it is falling short and generates patterns which can tell you a lot about what people are responding to and why they have responded. It then is down to you to adapt to the data and change your campaign to get an even bigger response.


5. Snappy subject


The first thing a customer will see before they even decide to open your email will be the subject heading so get creative with it! Grab their attention in the opening words and, providing you have followed these tips, your brilliant email should do the rest by attracting new business.