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Five Video Formats That Work in B2B Marketing

Enterprises must overcome several obstacles in creating a video: lack of funding, lack of resources and creativity. Sometimes the first two may become more easily overcome than the third. Get create an attractive piece of video marketing and help sell it is not always easy. Here are some simple ideas that can inspire us:

Product Demonstrations: in the era of Internet search, many users (much less companies) do not have much time to research a product before buying. Therefore, a video with a demonstration can be very effective. In this type of video it highlights the most efficient use, satisfy the need for immediate information and is a much more visual and more persuasive than a lengthy description of technical details about the product in question being purchased.

Interviews: the beauty of this format is that a direct connection to the user is created, that is people who are managing others. And when users are influential within the industry who talk about our company or products, even more interest is generated. On the other hand, when we involve third parties, the video itself is driven in more viral way, which also increases your overall visibility in search engines.

Conference Presentations: why not take advantage of the principal or the head of a department attends a conference to make a video of his speech? Pretty work itself is preparing a presentation: presentation, scripts, etc. to not take advantage. Even the most informal chats can be a great source of video content marketing, they range from small messages to discussions on industry trends and other topics of interest to the target audience. If you also do a little research in which we analyze what people are looking for in the search engines, yet more content to optimize the time to make the script of the speech or talk.

Customer Stories: this format brings something unique: instant credibility. It is a recommendation from one company to another, the video serves as a test for prospective clients of our company, tells you how we are doing and why they trust us.

How It's Done: whether you have a factory or an office, users are eager to explore, like to enter their world, learn how we do it. These videos are more personal, but we must not be afraid to show our processes, the way we operate, is what sets us apart from the competition. When a customer purchases our products or services, are also buying the How.

Video marketing creates awareness, trust, brand loyalty and helps to achieve new sales and customers. But it is important that we not only meet in video production. We must make it known, take advantage of social platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and email marketing to amplify our message and get more eyes to see our video content.